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Framework for ICU Dashboards

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A project at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Given the multitude of monitors and ventilators in the ICU, doctors inevitably face a Data Overload problem. These are the sickest patients in the hospital, and clinical decisions often need to be made quickly. Barry Fuchs, the director of the MICU at Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, asked me to design a dashboard. As he describes it, there should be a series of comprehensive views for each organ system. The Infectious Disease view, for example, should contain precisely the information an infectious disease consultant would use to decide what antibiotics to use. There would be views for a patients cardiopulmonary, hematologic, and neurologic statuses as well.

This problem elucidates a fundamental flaw of EMRs--an organizational scheme carried over from the days when everything was on paper. Even in electronic form, data are often organized the way they were collected rather than the way they will be interpreted, imposing a severe limitation on clinical decision-making. My preliminary designs are below.


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