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Agent - EMR data straight to your phone

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Agent is a project I am leading at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Healthcare providers who directly interact with patients can use this app to receive up-to-the-minute results through Push Notifications. 

Aside from streamlining workflow, the Agent platform offers the ability to improve care by delivering targeted notifications based on data. Interventions that would have previously required extensive IT resources to build can now be implemented and tested in a week's time.

Examples of how this can be applied:
  • Antibiotics medications often expire without provider awareness, leading to missed doses. Agent alerts providers when it's time to renew a medication.
  • Previously there was no automated notification for when patients arrive on the floor. Agent ensure providers are aware so patients can be seen immediately.

The possibilities are limitless. The goal of Agent is to create an environment where people can design, test, and iterate on process improvements. This is where Agile Development meets medicine. 

Agent Landing Page

We needed a way to communicate to administrators the benefits of the new technology to gain support. We also needed a way to onboard beta testers with email confirmation and a survey.


Multistep sign up process with email confirmation, survey


Ruby on Rails
simple-rss gem


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