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Simple problem list

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Tools for physician workflow (e.g. "signout" and "handoff" applications) often neglect the fact that actionable items are tightly associated with plans and problems. Here I designed a Problem List app where problems are identified for billing and other purposes, and items with square brackets are interpreted as checklist items. Using a simple markdown language prevents users from having to update information in two places.

This project is open source: 


  • a simple markdown language with two-way binding produces interactive checklists that automatically convert [] to [x] and vice versa
  • client side framework gives a seamless experience without pauses for loading

Future directions

  • version control and conflict management for multiple users
  • allow users to assign ICD codes to problems using autocomplete


  • Backbone.js 
  • Twitter Bootstrap

Below is the user interface for entering the plan in free text. 

After saving, problems are considered separately and actionable items are pulled to the checklist on the side.

After plans are set for the day, actionable items can be seen and checked off from a list view.


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